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Supply Chain Could be easy... It is not!

Nowadays, the supply chain suffers from lack of communication, visibility and accurate information. The main reason for this is that many companies are still working with antiquated systems. It results in Carriers, Shippers, Freight-Forwarders and customers not being able to communicate fluently, leading to supply chain disruptions and millions of dollars in losses.

Fragmented supply chain

An Efficient Supply Chain Management
with Grydd

With Grydd the logistics system gains a nervous system capable of connecting all the parts and eliminating blind spots. Optimizing the supply chain from end to end, from the receipt of orders to the delivery to the final destination.

End-to-End Solutions

Supply Chain
& Logistics Service

Grydd analyzes the company’s Supply Chain and Logistics process to identify key areas for improvement, while providing you with accurate forectasting.

Software &
Integration Service

Grydd operates with enough speed, agility, and innovation to develop and integrate any software or data source that you have been using.

Your data in 

a single digital








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For shippers, carriers, freight-forwarders of all sizes from all over the world

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Team Leaders

Daniel Acosta

Over 15+ years of Software built & integration, logistics strategy & Global Supply Chain.

Pablo Pantoja

Senior Engineer with 19+ years of experience bridging the gap between ideas & tech.

Carlos Sánchez

32 years of experience in Supply Chain and logistics management

Carriers, shippers and keyplayers connected

Partners with logistics and technology orientation
to fast forward your logistics


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