Automate your quoting process!

With Grydd OS

Learn the most cost-effective way to manage your logistics process.

The best rates

Generate quotations which take all fees and variables rates that can affect your cargo into account.

Fast quotes

We automate the quoting process with the best technology available in the market.

The safest decision

Compare all the routes and companies you want with tranquility to make the best possible decision based on reliable quotes.

All in one place

Achieve end-to-end logistics control and optimized supply chain insight.

The power of visibility!

Our Smart Operating System is monitoring global routes, rates, and prices 24/7 to always ensure that automated quotes are 100% reliable.

Get everything in one touch, we combine internal and external information to automate your quotes.

Get a smooth workflow

If your company already has a platform our smart operating system can be integrated with it to bring fluidity to your logistics process.

Access the new era of the supply chain

The supply chain faces severe disruptions, however, with Grydd, you can thrive despite those issues.

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