Great as saving your money!

With Grydd OS

Track your financials and make the right decisions to get the best ROI of your assets in your future supply chain.

When it comes to finances it is all about organization, you need to know how much you have spent and how much you will spend.

Know everything that might affects your spents

Get accurate data that allows you to manage your budget.

The power of one connection!
Gain access to all the data related to rates and prices you need, with our Smart Operating System.

Get analytics of your business and be able to reach the best ROI. We track worldwide data to bring it to the palm of your hand.

75% of companies still manage their costs manually

Global logistics become increasingly uncertain in prices and rates and this brings instability to the global supply chain.

We Solve Your Financials Problems

Take care of your costs!

Monitor everything that might influence your shipments

Take optimal decisions on the best routes and track your cargo in real-time.

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