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Grydd, Smart Operative System for Supply Chain
& Logistics

- Allow your customers to upload or get a quote, a shipping schedule and a purchase order in a booking in just a few seconds.

- Reduce cost of sales and conversion times with online quotes.

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Imagine your entire supply chain converging in your own easy to use operating systemt to fast forward your logistics.

Purchase Order & Inventory Management

Manage your stock and experience a pleasant control by keeping all the information and data of your products up to date.

Automatic Quoting Process & Multi-Routes

Quoting your shipments in just 3 steps to manage better your clients, vendors and contracts.

Cargo Optimization

Plan your freight transportation and establish all the necessary conditions to ship your cargo.

Business Intelligence

Map everything that might affect your supply chain and get performance analytics of your logistics processes.

Supply Chain & Logistics Smart Operating System

Our purpose is to create the most easy-to-use, integrated supply chain and logistics Operating System. By connecting all softwares, systems, processes, and people through technology as an extension of human behavior.

Daniel Acosta

CEO & Fundador

Leader with over 18 years of experience in entrepreneurial and fortune 500 organizations. Technology, strategy and operations pioneer with a successful record of creating tech platforms and organizations, transforming highly complex end to end international logistics and supply chain processes into viable B2B products. 

Pablo Pantoja


Software Development Engineer with more than 19 years of experience in high availability infrastructure design, implementation, databases, software development, deploy and support.

Focused on bridging the gap between ideas and end users. Design, user experience and technology.

Alfredo Lopez


Experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital, strategy consulting and investment management industries. Skilled in Mergers & Acquisitions, VC, Impact Investing, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Ventures.

Francis Mc Cawley Foster

Commercial & Marketing Director

“We needed to take a step forward towards digitalization to ensure a long-term sustainable business growth for our company, beginning with Supply Chain”.
NWS™ Network Shipping™ A Del Monte Fresh® Company.

Carlos V.

Senior Continuous Improvement Manager

“Our data is 83% more accurate.​ Our processes have improved and so has our ROI, we were in the dark but now we have a clear view of our operation”.

Customer Success Stories

​Improving Supply Chain and Logistics companies with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to accelerate their ROI.

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logo-white grydd

GRYDD, Supply Chain & Logistics