One Holistic & Intelligent Operating System
Synchronize your Supply Chain Processes, Tools & Teams into

One Holistic & Intelligent Operating System

One Holistic & Intelligent Operating System
Supply Chain & Logistics Smart Operating System

Your logistics management, low cost, fast and easy

One Holistic & Intelligent Operating System
Manage air, land and sea shipments and warehouses in one place

Excellent for Shippers, Freight Forwarders and Carriers

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You Are in The Right Website

if your logistics operation suffers from any of these

Manual Processes

Hundreds of spreadsheets, mails & phone calls to make things happen​

No real-time Visibility

No data to track your shipments, assets & financials to take real-time decisions​

Low Margins

Caused by ineficiencies that hasn’t been solved in your Supply Chain

Working in Silos

Disconnection among systems, companies and people makes it difficult to control​ ​

Low Compliance

Not being able to efficiently comply with documentation or customs

Daniel Acosta

"Once we faced the same issues, that's why Grydd was born"

You Can Solve these easily

Imagine your entire supply chain converging
in your own easy to use operating system
to fast forward your logistics


We connect and inject steroids to your actual systems and along your entire supply chain.


We plug in the missing pieces of your process
or implement
the whole process.


We clean, structure, organize and transform
all your data into
business insights.

Plan, Operate & Manage
Air, land & sea shipments and warehouses in one place

Everything you ever wanted

Imagine one place where you can plan, operate and manage
everything to get products from A to B in less time and money

Purchase Order &
Inventory Management

Control your stock and experience a pleasant control process where you can keep your products info and data updated.

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Integrated Booking & Tracking process

Ensure fast shipping by optimizing your management with Purchase Orders, Quoting, Booking, and Tracking.

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Integrated Carrier Management Process

Manage all your cargo end-to-end within the whole supply chain by monitoring the activities of the carriers

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Automatic Quoting
Process & multi-routes

Quoting your shipments in just 3 steps to manage better your contracts, clients, and vendors.

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Uploading & Generating Documentation

Upload and share documents with your whole network. Keep your data in a simple and organized way.

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Price Engine
including Costs

Obtain the best prices and rates in real-time to manage your finances managing them according to your needs.

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Business Intelligence

Map everything that might affect your supply chain and obtain performance analytics in real-time of your logistics processes.

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Cargo Optimization

Plan your cargo transportation and select how it should be delivered, by setting specific requirements for your cargo at anytime.

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Collaboration Hub

Simplify your communication into one assisted chat and give to your internal and external teams a more productive way to sync.

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A Real Competitive Advantage

For shippers, carriers, freight-forwarders of all sizes from all over the world

We can help you too!

We merge disciplines
to solve your pain

With an agile
end-to-end processes

And a specialized
senior Team

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Logistics Solutions

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