How does the Dashboard module works?

In this module you will see all your active and coming tasks separated by Planning and quoting, Booking and Tracking. You won’t miss anything because the system will notify you. 

You will also be able to see your active shipments per stage, and per country, your voyages by status and its efficiency, your transactions, Sales overview, and Operations Overview. 


To get in this module click on “Dashboard” 

Here you can click on any of the task number and the system will take you to the view where it requires your review

To go back to the previous menu, click on tasks at the top. 


Find all the information in this report about your voyages.

Planned routes, containers per states and average service days. 

Total of bookings per type of movement, booking per status, booking per cargo type and active vessels. 


Voyages by country, by status, represented on a map.

You can see the top origin port, the top destination port, and the top routes. 

Total voyages filter by status 

You can see the profit and revenue per customer, and by type. 

Sales Overview

Get reports of your active quotations, sales closing ratio, filter by days, months, or year. 

Operations Overview

See the summary from the operations perspective. Number of upcoming shipments, shipments in transit, tasks, etc. 

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