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Basic Settings

Where to create and manage my operation’s most frequent locations?

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Locations is a section that allows you to create and manage your most frequently used places from you daily operation. To star adding locations to your list click on “+ Create Location” button this will redirect you to the Create Location Screen. 

In this screen you need to fill out some information such as name, the organization associated to that location, the “Description” field, specify the place, and the Address 2 if apply. The system will fill out the rest of the form for you. It will also show a preview on the map for that location. Click on “Save” to create the new location. 

Manage Your Locations

  • Now that you have your locations, from the main view you can manage them. By clicking on the overflow menu (⋮), it will display the “Edit” and “Delete” options. 

You can click on the “Next” button, this will redirect you to the “Documents” tab, don’t forget that you can go back at any time to complete or edit the information. 

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