Get quotes fast!

With Grydd OS

Quote your shipments in just 3 easy steps to manage better your clients, vendors, and contracts.

Requests your Quotes

Organize them according to the type of transportation your cargo needs

Control your Quotes

Recieve all the history of your quotes, check their status, and manage it from your own site.

Specify your needs

Manage dates, prices, times, type of cargo, container volume, and more, from departure until arrival.

Export &

We check every factor in order to give you the precise costs and the best options for your budget.

All types of transportation

Manage quotations for land, air, and/or sea. It doesn't matter where your cargo needs to go or the different stages it may go through.

Optimize your cargo in the containers

We analyze the best way to manage your cargo to optimize the use of all kinds of volume, from a full container load to detailed cargo like LCL or LTL.


INCOTERMS adopted in your logistic transactions and processes. EXW, FOB, FCA, and all the ones you need for your shipments.

Quoting in one connection!
Our smart operating system connects you with all your suppliers and customers to get quickly and reliably your quotes .

We update rates and taxes in real-time and always keep up with determinations such as the HTS and others.

Get a smooth workflow

If your company already has a platform our smart operating system can be integrated with it to bring fluidity to your logistics process.

Access the new era of the supply chain

The supply chain faces severe disruptions, however, with Grydd, you can thrive despite those issues.

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