Your Docs always Available!

With Grydd OS

Share documents with your team simply, quickly, and safely.


Keep your data secured and safe

Be safe

Store all your documents and contracts in a secure system where you can audit them at any time.

No incomplete tasks

We guarantee a personalized process to bring fluidity to your supply chain, if the documentation is incomplete, we let you know.

Upload docs

Upload all the documents you need and keep them together on the same platform.

Optimize with precision​

We store and share documents with an exact description to optimize time and ensure approval.

The advantage of digitalization!

Our smart operating system integrates all documentation processes in your business, from sharing to storage.

Increase your efficiency in the digital world and stop using paper once and for all. At the same time, you become more sustainable.

Get a smooth workflow

If your company already has a platform our smart operating system can be integrated with it to bring fluidity to your logistics process.

Access the new era of the supply chain

The supply chain faces severe disruptions, however, with Grydd, you can thrive despite those issues.

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