The Digital Freight and Data-driven system solution that helps you in all your logistics operations from End-to-End.

Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility That Empowers Your Company

Solve your Freight issues

Freight visibility from beginning to end. Erase the blind spots in your international logistics operations, and simplify the complexity of communication with your partners in the global Supply Chain.

Automate Logistics with AI

Forget about manual processes in the Supply Chain. Improve your logistics activities with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Increase performance with BI

Business Intelligence solutions that integrate all your data. Grydd shows the information you need. Get full support in your technological transformation.

Real-Time Transportation Visibility

Manage all your activities from one site. Grydd delivers full shipment operation in-transit visibility across your End-to-End Supply Chain.

Analytics with Reliable Predictability Data

Spend less time on decision-making.With Grydd you will be able to take your business to a new level, offering you performance data and predictive analytics for your shipments.

Connect with your Network

Get direct communication with your team. Your customers, vendors, and stakeholders will interact with you on a single platform. Upload and share documents with all your network.

Automation for your Supply Chain

Boost your workflow automation processes by reducing manual work, optimizing operations and shipping times.

Grydd OS

Grydd is an Operating System and data-driven company for technology transformation in the international Logistics and the global Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain & Logistics as a Service

We start the engagement through a thorough analysis of the company’s Supply Chain & Logistics processes. We assess the performance of the current chain and identify essential areas for improvement.

In Grydd, we conduct a comprehensive Supply Chain diagnostic analysis that covers everything from a company’s strategy, network, and processes to its organization, systems, and people. We deliver a detailed implementation plan that we can also help execute.

Grydd's Integration Services

Grydd operates with the speed, agility and innovation that a Supply Chain & Logistics requires. We are able to integrate software and data quickly.

The Grydd’s Integration Service accelerates the process handling any integration style, it empowers your people to quickly and easily connect their information assets no matter where they are.

The Core of your Logistics & the Supply Chain 

Manage all the connections with any app or software. Grydd's Supply Chain & Logistics Operating System uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide valuable Data into one intuitive platform that can be integrated with any system.

Freight and Cargo Needs

Get control over all your logistics processes and build strong bonds with your customers and suppliers.

  • Your Data in a single digital platform
  • Track your shipment in real-time
  • Reliable Predictability Data

End-to-End Optimization

We help companies reach peak supply chain performance by improving the metrics critical to success:

  • Costs, such as operational expenditures
  • Time, such as processes optimization
  • Prediction, such as forecast with data accuracy

Go Digital and Improve your Logistics Performance


Reduce costs and overhead, minimize risk from start to end

  • All your data and analytics in one place
  • End-to-end solution
  • Predictability

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Always know where your shipments are and when they will arrive.

  • Track your shipments 24/7 across multiple modes of transportation and multiple stages
  • Have all your data centralized in one place
  • One platform for all your supply chain

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An intelligent platform allows you to interact and collaborate real time.

  • Your entire network in one platform
  • Keep everyone in the loop
  • Shared information and analytics for everyone
  • Your vendors, customers and team in one platform

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Data science and machine learning working hard for you.

  • Optimize your routes
  • Use data science to always be one step ahead
  • Optimize and rank your vendors

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Truck, Ocean, Air, Customs and Network

Providing insight across every mode and every node of your supply chain.

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