Our solution for


Business Intelligence

Empower your supply chain with actionable insights and optimize your decision-making by using our advanced business intelligence tool.

Digital Booking

Empower your supply chain with actionable insights and optimize your decision-making by using our advanced business intelligence tool.

Cargo tracking

Get real-time visibility into the movement of cargo throughout the logistics network with detailed insights into transit times, estimated arrivals, and potential delays, enabling proactive decision-making and risk mitigation.

White Label

With Grydd you can brand and customize our logistics solutions as your own, as a scalable and cost-effective way to leverage advanced technology while maintaining brand identity and control over supply chain processes.

Quote approval

A streamlined quote approval process in supply chain to ensure accurate pricing, optimal terms, and timely decision-making.

Inventory Turnover

Our AI-driven inventory turnover forecasting tool leverages historical data, market trends, and demand patterns to accurately predict future inventory turnover, optimizing stock levels and ensuring efficient supply chain management.

Product Inventory

Leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze historical data, market trends, and demand forecasts to accurately predict inventory needs, optimize stock levels, and prevent stockouts or overstocking.

Contracts management

Have all negotiated prices in one platform to compare and request bookings easily with your providers.

Request for Quote

Compare rates and schedules for your shipments and find the best options even with multiple currencies at play.

Purchase Orders

Leveraging advanced algorithms, AI analyzes historical data, inventory levels, supplier performance, and demand forecasts to generate optimized purchase orders.

Automatic Documentation

Grydd AI is like having a virtual customs expert at your fingertips, streamlining and simplifying the complex process of preparing and managing your shipment’s paperwork.


Grydd facilitates international transactions by integrating exchange rate management and currency conversion tools, ensuring accurate financial reporting and risk mitigation in global operations.

Business Rules

Adapt our system to your specific needs and seamlessly adapt and improve your current workflow into Grydd with our Business Rules configuration.

Multiple Delivery P.O.

Organize multiple shipments within a single purchase order for streamlined logistics coordination.

Custom Development

Our process involves initial consultation and requirement gathering, followed by system design and architecture planning, iterative development cycles, rigorous testing, deployment, and continuous optimization based on feedback and evolving business needs.

Collaboration Hub

Step into a digital command center where every thread of your supply chain weaves together seamlessly, creating a symphony of efficiency and insight.

Cargo optimization

Our advanced AI algorithms analyze cargo dimensions, weight distribution, stacking configurations, and container capacities to create the most space-efficient loading plans.


Invite and collaborate with partner companies seamlessly. Through secure access, users can share information, coordinate processes, and communicate in real time, fostering efficient collaboration across the supply chain ecosystem.

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