Our solution for

Ocean Carriers

Business Intelligence

Our AI empowers organizations to optimize operations, enhance decision-making, improve customer service, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in the maritime industry.

Asset Tracking

Our sphisticated system that utilizes satellite technology to monitor the real-time location, status, and performance of vessels at sea.

Voyage Scheduling

With our scheduling tool you can optimize your fleet utilization, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure timely delivery of cargo.

White Label

Our system merges seamlessly into your own supply chain platform with ample customization options to adapt it to your brand and business rules.


By automating container reviews for damage detection, you can streamline inspection processes, reduce manual efforts, identify damages early, prevent potential safety hazards, minimize downtime, and ensure the integrity of cargo during transit.

Documentation alerts

Centralize document management and store all required shipping documentation. Set up automated alerts and notifications within the system to inform clients when their documentation is incomplete.

Asset Inventory

Obtain a comprehensive tracking and management of physical assets such as vessels, containers, and equipment to enhance operational visibility.

Contracts Management

Streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to execution and beyond, ensuring transparency, compliance, and efficiency in contractual operations

Bookings Per Voyage Leg

A comprehensive solution for managing bookings across each leg of a voyage, ensuring efficient cargo allocation, vessel utilization, and customer satisfaction.

Purchase Orders

Create flexible pricing structures based on factors such as cargo volume, frequency of shipments, service levels, special requirements, and contract terms, while considering operational costs to ensure profitability and competitiveness.

Cost Management

Our system incorporates operational cost data, including fuel costs, port fees, vessel maintenance, crew salaries, insurance, and administrative expenses, to accurately calculate pricing.


Operate worldwide with our multi currency system, capable of presenting your original currency and conversion rates based on your company settings.

Business Rules

Adapt our system to your specific needs and seamlessly adapt and improve your current workflow into Grydd with our Business Rules configuration.


Cutomize voyage status, voyage numbers consecutive, custom consecutive numbers for contracts and quotes, personalize documentation requirements per routes and alerts for clients.

Custom Development

Being a Grydd partner means getting a full-time agile software development team working with to evolve your business without disrupting your company’s workflow.

Collaboration Hub

Step into a digital command center where every thread of your supply chain weaves together seamlessly, creating a symphony of efficiency and insight.


Gain real-time visibility into your assets’ locations, improve operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with shipping schedules and regulations.

Vessel Capacity

Improve operational efficiency, avoid capacity conflicts, minimize overbooking risks, enhance customer service, and maximize revenue through optimized vessel utilization.

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