Manage all your shipments
in One Place

Organize, operate, and manage all your shipments through an easy-to-use operating system to gain full transparency of your processes and share visibility with your partners.

A Proven Digital Platform

where you can


Manage all your transportation options (internal and external) using different asset profiles to make smarter decisions and generate quotes in seconds.


Choose the best routes and carriers to ship your products, using Artificial Intelligence backed by historical data and content published on different channels and networking sites.


Book shipments easily through a single place and with just a few clicks, based on contractually agreed prices and conditions.

Purchase Orders

Create and send out purchase orders automatically to your suppliers and carriers to confirm the order.


Track the location and physical conditions of your product or transportation assets 24/7 to take on time operative decisions to make your distribution channels even more efficient.

Make SMART Financial Decisions

Track your current and future supply chain financials in a snapshot and take the right decisions to get the best ROI out of your assets.

Pablo from Grydd

“We help you clean, organize and structure all your data and current systems to take the best advantage of our platform.”

Optimize your container shipments

as easily as playing TETRIS

Our algorithm was created to optimize the way cargo is packed into containers. It calculates the optimal arrangement of containers to ship a specific cargo, considering the weight capacity, space efficiency, and costs from a range of suppliers.


your current supply chain & logistics operations

Shipment Management Module

Our specialized teams will understand your business and adapt our proven platform to solve your pains and target your needs. However, if your company already has one or multiple platforms, we can integrate all of them into one operating system and digitize the gaps of your supply chain processes so you can have full visibility of your operations and financials, 24/7 in real-time.

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