Bring intelligence to your business!

With Grydd OS

Increase the intelligence of your business with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Get the best of AI and Machine Learning

Cost analysis

Get a thorough analysis of the price of shipments based on percentages, destination countries, and transport types.

Lead time Performance

Find out how long each shipment takes depending on the route and means of transport used.

Technological Innovation

Our technology professionals will understand your needs and develop specific solutions for you.

Make it Easy

Obtain complex data in a simple way. All parts of your logistics can be easily controlled by the information obtained from BI.

Know everything

Know what amount of your shipments are late, early, or on time for delivery, and their location to get a comprehensive analysis of your supply chain.

Smart Technology

We implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to map and understand your global supply chain and identify points for improvement.


The power BI!

Get an accurate assessment of your network performance with our integrated predictive modeling and business analytics.

All your business data is available and doesn't get trapped. It flows seamlessly through your supply chain.

Get a smooth workflow

If your company already has a platform,our smart operating system can be integrated with it to bring fluidity to your logistics process.

Access the new era of the supply chain

The supply chain faces severe disruptions, however, with Grydd, you can thrive despite those issues.

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