Our smart operating system adapted to your business needs

With Grydd OS

Get a full time software development team working with you, listening to you and helping you to evolve your business.

Solutions for shippers

Being a Grydd Partner means to get

The best

We adapt to the market standards and guarantee you the fulfillment of your contract.


Your documents are stored in a secure place where you can audit them at any time.

Direct communication

From receiving your purchase orders to your internal communication, all done in an interactive chat.

Well-used container

Classify your shipments in full container load or detail your cargo as LTL, FTL and FCL.


All your containers and the products in your inventory are available to be tracked in real time.

of issues

No surprises, reliable forecasts about demand and potential bottlenecks in your global supply chain.


Price management and shipment scheduling are integrated with your forecasts to optimize your profit.

Materials Management

Manage Hazardous and Refrigerated cargo with special handling requirements and a range of temperature.

Improve your performance

Simplify your End-to-End process

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Quoting and Orders

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Incoterms Agreement

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Payment Arrangement

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Transportation Arrangement

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Tracking - Sailing

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Arrival - Customs

Agreement and Contract

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Transportation Arrangement

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Arrival /

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Quoting and Orders

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Payment Arragement

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Tracking / Sailing

The power of one connection!
Under a proven process, all your operations converge in your own Smart Operating System to fast-forward your logistics, giving you access to the new era of logistics and supply chain.

Manage all your shipments from the Beginning to the End getting full visibility of the whole Supply Chain and Logistics scope.

Get a smooth workflow

If your company already has a platform our smart operating system be integrated with you to bring fluidity to your logistics process.

Access the new era of the supply chain

Achieve a resilient supply chain to thrive in any supply chain scenario.

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