5 benefits of end-to-end visibility in the supply chain

Visibility into the supply chain brings numerous advantages for managers. It is essential to completely know your delivery system, only then you can be prepared for the next crisis. 

Controlling a logistics system gets more and more difficult with the demand that doesn’t stop growing and the interruptions that don’t get any quieter. It’s not about predicting the next war or pandemic, but about having the resilience to survive any problems that arise. 

Benefits of having visibility in the supply chain 

1. A favorable impact on a company’s bottom line. RFID and EPCIS data are critical “bread crumbs” that follow an item through the entire supply chain. This insight may expose a wealth of data and analytics that can completely revolutionize a firm and result in a significantly higher bottom line. 

 2. Improve speed to market. A connected and transparent network is frequently a more efficient network. Therefore, your items will reach the shelves faster. 

3. Cut expenses. When it comes to customer service and delivery alternatives, supply chain visibility generally implies fewer disruptive charges, which means businesses may frequently spend their time more efficiently. You may also follow damaged items on their way to outlet retailers. 

4. Boost client satisfaction. Full supply chain insight enables you to be proactive, and observe what works (and what doesn’t). In addition to enhancing your delivery choices based on data and analytics. 

5. Improved data access. With full visibility comes increased data access, allowing you to produce more client and product-specific information. This may benefit various aspects of a business, such as planning, cost reduction, avoidance, and increased efficiency and customer service operations. 

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