5 Tips to overcome your Supply Chain requirements on New Year’s Eve 

With the sharp increase in New Year’s Eve demands, many companies saw the need to digitalize their internal processes and improve logistics.  

The goal is to secure their stocks and raw materials while mitigating possible risks in their supply and transportation chains, especially during high seasons like New Year’s Eve.  

In this digitalization process, some points are essential to make and keep these processes more efficient, assertive, and less work. Check out these top 5 tips.  

1. Planning ahead  

The sales planning for New Year’s Eve generally starts in August because all companies involved in the supply chain need to ensure they meet their demand. It means they need to get enough raw materials to fabric their products based on their needs. 

The forecasting and demand planning software helps managers plan their production according to the demand at a specific time. By entering information from past seasons and other data related to the business, it generates stock and sales forecasts with maximum accuracy.  

2. Logistics management in real time  

Shippers and transportation companies require to plan as much assertiveness as they can. Therefore, they paid extreme attention to their logistic management process. 

We have modern tools on the market today, with innovative cargo tracking systems that allow them to know the status of all cargo at any time. These also offer many facilities, such as shipment analysis and KPI reports.  

3. Risk management tools  

It is a fundamental step in the logistic process because it helps companies avoid losses during storage and transportation operations. Theft of cargo, incorrect storage, accidents, fines, and penalties are some of the risks with considerable probability.  

It is necessary to use an efficient strategy to mitigate all risks. It must guarantee managers that their deliveries will follow the quality standards. There are several technologies that aid managers in planning their deliveries. 

There are also customizable solutions, with powerful algorithms, that optimize and execute routes in real-time. Others unveil some efficiency bottlenecks to improve the customer experience. In this process, adapting solutions according to the local reality is essential.  

4. Systems Integration  

Besides eliminating rework and duplicate information, the integration of the systems that involve the logistic process allows other sectors of the company and even employees to get free access to all their details. They can also have access to their client’s information, thus being able to help at any time with a shipment or a quotation.  

5. Continuous service on different platforms  

In these new times, having access to information at any time is something customers expect. We know that the opinion of our customers is of paramount importance. Therefore, quality customer service is crucial to close or keeping a new business.  

Several companies have invested heavily in digitalization. However, these have digitalized some parts of their supply chain by applying different and disconnected software. This situation brought them more issues instead of solutions. 

But what can solve it? One smart and integrated operating system can process and store all data from your entire supply chain. You can find it here. Contact our agents to get your free demo.