Booking your shipments

Booking your shipments prepares you for high-demand seasons and increases your company’s resilience, owing to the efficiency gained by long-term planning. You avoid seasonal pricing spikes while also protecting yourself from any shipment delays. 

To maintain a seamless delivery schedule, you must have access to many sorts of information, such as the best pricing, the most reliable carriers, the quickest and cheapest ways, and when demand grows, among other things. In other words, your complete logistics information system must be connected and data-sharing. 

Assume that two glass suppliers compete for the same audience in “Glass City”, that their main retailers are the same, and that they both offer doors and windows. Both can coexist in this niche since there is enough market for both to flourish. 

However, one has a smart operating system that integrates all incoming information and arranges its shipping as far ahead as possible, whilst the other still works with multiple messy programs and spreadsheets produced on paper, merging their shipments at the last minute. Who is the most vulnerable? Which will be able to expand the most quickly? 

For example, if a truck driver’s scarcity grows in tandem with rising fuel costs (which is not far from reality), the cost of transportation rises. While the one who has access to the supply chain digitization pays the lowest negotiated price, his competition has to suffer all these unanticipated events.  

Booking your shipments in the best way

Our smart operating system integrates all of your data and ensures that it runs smoothly, allowing us to generate realistic projections and ensuring that you schedule your shipments as efficiently as possible. Simply click here to get all of the benefits Grydd has to offer. 

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