Build communication despite the supply chain woes.

Supply chain communication has been profoundly challenged by recent global events. Even the world’s largest companies are constantly at risk. Surviving chip shortages and constant delays at ports is no easy task.  

The good part of facing so many challenges is the valuable lessons that supply chain managers have increasingly learned. One of the main ones was the importance of fluid communication in the production system, besides the undeniable improvement in the efficiency of the supply chain the visibility grows at each stage. 

The year 2022 promises to bring new problems for all industry sectors, the lack of a significant improvement in the pandemic and the outbreak of war in Eastern Europe are not encouraging news. Not to mention the massive unemployment plaguing the world’s leading nations. Not only are manufacturers struggling to produce, but transport companies have fewer and fewer truck drivers at their disposal. Without a doubt, innovation, flexibility, and fluidity will be necessary. 

Establishing communication

Many innovative systems (in their time) no longer work in today’s market settings. The vastly improved just-in-time of the last decades seems to lack what it takes to meet today’s high demand. A few years ago, it was possible for everyone to make sure predictions about their production and delivery needs, retailers and wholesalers alike. But with today’s uncertainty, it is no longer that simple.  

The lack of forecasting affects the communication between manufacturers, distributors, and sellers, an operating system that integrates all the processes and works the information completely is the best way to escape this kind of problem. This is because only then do all the companies’ applications talk in the same systemic language and provide more reliable information without redundancy.  

It is more important than ever to combine human experience with new technologies that make forecasting easier and more accurate. Grydd offers the best of both with its team of expert consultants and its on-of-a-kind, supply chain-focused operating system. 

Today’s disruptions highlight an old supply chain truth. From producers to retailers, all businesses must interact regularly. Everyone stands to benefit from a reliable exchange of information. Is there only one way to deal with the constant interruptions? No, I don’t believe so. However, a coalition of the parties is required to win.

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