Easter holidays with new issues and technological solutions

Easter joy faces a new obstacle on the shelves of the markets, the price. Therefore, moms and dads brought emptier baskets with smaller eggs to their children this year. From the famous bars to the candy boxes everything is much more expensive compared to last year and 2019. 

The increase in the final price is due to several factors, cocoa, fuel, energy; and several other necessities to make sweets are more expensive. Today’s supply chain works in an integrated way, if one sector has problems, all are affected. 

Chocolate Easter bunny with sweet chocolate eggs and colorful sweets on wooden background

Do Easter disruptions have any way out? 

The growth in final values in the USA reaches 22%, while the increase in the price of raw materials reached 8.5%. In many markets in Latin America consumers have even seen some Easter eggs 50% more expensive.  

Even in the face of so much inflation, the demand has not been small, and the total holiday spending maybe reaches 20.8 billion dollars. But still, many small companies have reduced their profit margins due to the cost of production and maintenance of the products.   

Another consideration to be made is the complexity of the supply chain for Easter Eggs, they have packaging that often requires manual labor, and transport needs to be skilled, as they are fragile and take up a lot of space. Now think about all this added to the very high increases, complicated to manage, isn’t it? 

With problems hitting so many different places at once, you need to adopt complete supply chain solutions. A smart operating system capable of integrating all your logistics processes. 

We bring to the palm of your hand all the information, forecasts, contacts, documents, and budgets you need. Everything is in a simple dashboard with an easy-to-understand workflow. Have a free demo here. 

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