Full shipment visibility is the key to achieving logistics transparency?

Shipment visibility has become a must for supply chain management amid the disruptions the world is facing. The resulting benefits in customer relations and logistics management cannot be ignored by managers who want to thrive.

The demand from consumers to follow the entire process of production and transportation of their goods is growing. This phenomenon is morally legit and economically interesting for big companies. This is because of three main reasons.

1- The loyalty of the most assiduous customers

2- The need to comply with a lot of legal regulations

3- The elimination of blind spots.

Shipment visibility and loyalty

The rule in the contemporary consumer market is to be fast. The main button in transactions is “Buy Now”, which means that customers want information about their products all the time. From the moment the purchase order is received until the delivery to the final consumer, everything needs to be mapped.

Suppose a wife wants to surprise her husband and orders a box of special beers. At some point she comes across two companies that provide the same product for the same price, the only difference is that one guarantees shipping information 24/7 until delivery and the other does not, which do you think she would choose? Which one would you choose?

The company that provides more security, of course.


Carbon emissions, labor regulations, environmental laws, bureaucratic requirements, and seasonal inspections, there are many regulations that need to be in order to have a compliant logistics process. The shipment visibility made by a system capable of storing information, generating contracts, and providing data speeds up many parts of these requirements.

With all your logistics mapped, end-to-end, it is simple to demonstrate the path of your products and disclose the information that is needed. What’s more, with everything archived in the cloud, you can conduct audits whenever you need to.

Shipment visibility to eliminate blind spots

If a manager is not able to identify the origin of problems, can he solve them? Of course not. This is yet another reason to have a transparent logistics process.

With shipment visibility, you will know at what points your supply chain gets stuck in bottlenecks or where you spend the most money. If you add all this to a reliable data supply you can produce forecasts and stay one step ahead of blockages and disruptions.

How to have 24/7 shipment visibility?

To achieve complete traceability of your logistics processes and combine this with other functions, you need to integrate your supply chain into one Smart Operating System exclusive for logistics companies. From design to programming Grydd´s Smart Operating System is designed to solve both daily and extreme supply chain problems.

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