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Following significant supply chain disruptions, firms are shifting to a digital-first strategy to develop resilient supply chains. 

Traditionally, supply chain management has focused on increasing delivery speed while reducing costs. The COVID-19 pandemic, on the other hand, switched the focus on resilience – the ability of supply chains to return to normalcy after disruptions by plant failures and detained cargoes. As a result, manufacturers who formerly requested just-in-time inventories are now stockpiling crucial parts, transitioning to a make-to-order business, and diversifying and localizing their supplier base. A digital supply chain will be critical to the success of these endeavors. 

At each level, digital Supply Chain Management (DSCM) employs relevant technologies, which use analysis, simulation, and automation. The Grydd operating system is the solution to the growing demand for supply chain automation. It improves resilience by enabling dynamic, fact-based decision-making. The pandemic-forced digitization fueled the global industry for the supply chain management. 

Post pandemic and the need for a digital supply chain 

The unprecedented global unpredictability has made it extremely difficult for enterprises to plan supply chain operations. Companies can remain on top of changing supply situations by precisely anticipating critical occurrences utilizing current, real-time data. 

Grydd helps you by offering real-time visibility into supply chains. It enables a closed-loop system for timely intervention, what-if analysis to forecast future events, and proactive planning tools. In addition to rising digital maturity, businesses evolve into living, integrated entities that are constantly tuned in to internal and external signals and capable of making – or even automating – suitable and timely supply chain decisions. They employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to reinforce learning at each opportunity, allowing them to evolve into self-curing organisms. 

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