If trucks stopped. What would happen now?

Trucks are an important aspect of many economies throughout the world because they are the vehicles in charge of a country’s internal supply chain. Almost everything is dependent on them, from the transportation of animals to the supply of medicines.

The importance of this sector is even more visible in some nations, such as the United States and Brazil. For example, when Brazilian truck drivers went on strike in 2017 over internal concerns, McDonald’s (in some locations) ran out of bread within a few days.

This example demonstrates how much integration and trustworthy forecasting can be overlooked even by large corporations. Unexpected disruptions in the supply chain, which are growing increasingly common, can damage anyone.

Even with such significance, few people consider what would happen if the trucks came to a halt. What would occur?

We now have an answer.

1 day without trucks

Drug deliveries will be halted, hospitals will run out of basic supplies, fuel will be in short supply and prices will skyrocket, food will become scarce, and companies that operate on a just-in-time basis will confront material shortages.

3 days of waiting

Food shortages in the marketplaces become severe, owing to customer panic. Bottled water, milk, and meat will be extremely scarce. ATMs will run out of cash, cities will be overrun with waste, and ports will be overcrowded like never before.

7 days

Hospitals will run out of oxygen. 

14 days of no trucks

The pure water supply will begin to dwindle.

30 days (Please return the trucks immediately!)

The country’s water supply is exhausted.

Widespread issues, full resolution

Of course, 30 days without trucks is a fictitious situation; nonetheless, other more genuine, yet equally unexpected, issues can arise. The modern era of the supply chain necessitates outage-response technologies.

As a result, we at Grydd have created an intelligent operating system capable of meeting all of the requirements. It integrates your whole supply chain in one spot, putting all information and forecasts in your palm. You may try it out for free right here.