Is Supply Chain Automation a New Solution for Document Generation?  

Supply chain automation as a new solution for document generation is a good way to innovate in global logistics. Documentation in logistics is generally a hard task due to the handling of several documents in the industry. The storage and the sharing at the same time is a nightmare for many logistics processes. Therefore, how can be supply chain automation a solution? 

Nowadays, you handle different kinds of documents that have specific information related to complex bureaucratic processes that must be carefully written because a small mistake can stop huge transactions, such as purchase orders, commercial invoices, bills of ladings, certificates of origin, and many others. In addition, you need to be aware of how you store and share these documents within the logistical processes. 

However, you sometimes struggle with this because of a variety of causes. On one hand, you use uncoordinated applications to handle each part of the process of generating documents. And on the other hand, due to the economic crises, lack of skilled labor, and high prices, the global market is working within an unstable environment. 

As a result of these causes, the supply chain automation helps to generate documents, saving the structure of the contracts and the main information; to store documents, uploading them into a secure cloud; and to share them with other partners. In order to achieve that, you only need to provide a few pieces of information to one Smart Operating System and it will automate everything. 

“Supply chain automation is an effective solution for document generation, which will also help you to save money and time.”