Manage your transportation assets

The way your logistics system works follows how well you manage your transportation assets. There are several carriers to choose from in the market, and each one might serve you better based on your goals.  

The ideal method to make this selection is to have a refined and adapted classification of your possibilities at hand. After all, the more trustworthy information you have, the better.  

A tale about success  

A farmer was supplying various sorts of veggies to marketplaces near his village, and up until that point, he never had any issues with the carriers he used. The company was modest, and so were the dangers; he already knew how long it took to make deliveries and had everything arranged in paper spreadsheets.  

But one day he recognized that his production ability was not being fully utilized since the demand was not as strong as it could be. Then he wanted to grow his company and begin exporting.  

With new aims came new obstacles. The transportation firm he had hired agreed to handle the shipping to adjacent ports, but the lack of capacity to keep the operation going became apparent. Many veggies were lost, and profits did not expand as projected.  

So, he began to hunt for new partners, but he missed the essential information to make a confident decision. It was then that he met Grydd. 

His farm began to adapt to the digital transformation occurring in the new era of the supply chain. The Grydd operating system gave him delivery estimates, real-time visibility of his shipments, bids from a variety of carriers, showed which ones were most reliable based on their track record, and allowed him to interface directly with all aspects of his logistics system.  

The farmer’s supply chain was up and operating fast, and export revenues increased even more. The power that one connection provided him was the foundation for the progress he desired.  

Grydd will help you manage your transportation assets.  

With the Grydd operating system, you may also enter a new era of the supply chain. You might try it for free right now.  

Grydd – The Power of One Connection