Newchip’s September 2022 Online Demo Week

Are you aware of all the business opportunities that present themselves in the modern world? Or do you still follow the old primer of traditional companies that operate with low returns to investors?  Many promising businesses seek the opportunity to gain resilience in the market in which they operate. In order to help startups with growth potential, Andrew Ryan created the Newchip Accelerator.  

Newchip’s Online Demo Week

This event allows new startups to have contact with great angel investors, venture capitalists, and valuable courses. Above all, Newchip Accelerator is equity-free, meaning it is not necessary to give up 5% to 10% of your company as in other accelerator programs. This September will be held Newchip’s Online Demo Week, where hundreds of founders can present their businesses and connect directly with investors. Bringing greater familiarity and confidence to those who expect a good return on the money invested.  

Startups in the supply chain

The supply chain world has been going through major disruptions and challenges since before the arrival of the pandemic.

The investment in technological solutions for supply chain issues is increasing to improve the efficiency of each company’s logistics. Click To Tweet

The purpose of this raise in investments is to meet the demand throughout the world. Every year, the demand for products grows worldwide. Concomitantly, global disruptions such as blockades at ports and the war, are complicating the transport of goods and raw materials. In other words, managing the global supply chain is an incredibly complex task nowadays. Besides that, a recent survey indicated that 75% of logistics companies started to invest in supply chain technology.


On Thursday 30th, Grydd will be presented at Newchip’s Online Demo Week by its founder, Dan Acosta. Grydd is a technological startup that brings an innovative solution to the problem of supply chain fragmentation. Its technology is capable of integrating all the functions of supply chain management, while automating and digitalizing key areas, such as communication and document generation. Related to its founder, Daniel Acosta is an entrepreneur with more than 18 years of experience in entrepreneurship and technological solutions for logistics companies. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration and has specialized in executive education in international strategy, organizational strategy, supply chain management, and e-commerce/retail. All his education was provided by top schools, for instance, Harvard Business School, Babson College, and Penn State University.   

If you are looking for an opportunity to listen to innovative solutions, Newchip’s Online Demo Week is your chance. Here is the link to freely participate. However, if you are interested in supply chain solutions, here you have a startup that is revolutionizing SCM worldwide.