The Port of Los Angeles updates its rates structure

The Port of Los Angeles updates its rates structure to optimize import and export operations in the logistics and the supply chain.

The Port of Los Angeles updates its rate structure

The Port of Los Angeles updates its rates structure

Port of Los Angeles first announced in October 2021 a dwell rate for import containers and this would take effect from November 15. But so far this is not working yet. Instead of that, the port kept the rates.   

The Los Angeles Port Commission on Thursday approved an amendment that controls how long goods destined for road and rail can stay on the docks. ¿Do you know about this change? Click To Tweet

This was due to buyers preferring road cargo to have the shortest possible time in the process. The supply chain is a complex web that involves buyers to distributors.  

While this happens, no one has yet been fined at the Port of Los Angeles. Just nine days passed since the measure took effect and the time of the ships at the ports already improved as if this threat brings a positive organic functioning to the supply chain.         

In the supply chain, to avoid this type of logistical issue, our Grydd platform guarantees the predictability of eventual changes to help maintain control over processes, always considering full integration. Having a system like ours helps you to always have the necessary information at hand.    

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Targeted rate collection and supply chain performance awareness has proven to be a powerful way to control cargo transportation.