Supply chain resilience in the United States

Consecutive disruptions in the US require supply chain resilience on the part of businesses. Instability has seized the market and global logistics since the pandemic began. 

The Coronavirus outbreak has shut down ports and towns all over the world, and just as things appeared to be calming down, war broke out in Europe. As Russian and Ukrainian suppliers and commodities are replaced around the world, new regulations are being established in the global market. 

What exactly is supply chain resilience? 

A variety of elements contribute to resilience. To begin, you must have visibility into the supply chain as well as trustworthy projections; after all, if you plan for the problem before it occurs, the effects will be less severe. Second, you require a quick information flow so that you may make judgments when they are necessary. 

To summarize, resilience is the ability to respond to problems as rapidly as possible. Is it possible to recover from a knockout without losing the fight? Maybe not when boxing, but in the supply chain, it is. 

The United States’ resiliency and future 

The US government has launched the FLOW (Freight Logistics Optimization Works) program, which aims to strengthen the US supply chain. Investments will be made in port and road infrastructure, but the most important aspect will be the transformation of the communication mechanism. 

The Biden-Harris administration realizes that the quickest approach to resolve supply chain interruptions is through fluid and fast information communication. That is why they are looking for partners to help them integrate the national supply chain operation. 

“Recent supply chain disruptions have raised national awareness of the need for improved information exchange. Supply chain stakeholders deserve reliable, predictable, and accurate information about goods movement, and FLOW will test the idea that cooperation on foundational freight digital infrastructure is in the interest of both public and private parties. ” 

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