The advantages of up-to-date warehousing 

Your warehousing strategy is crucial to the structure and fluidity of your supply chain. After all, this is where everything begins, and your capacity in this sector rules the rhythm of your growth. 

Visibility, integration, and communication are crucial concepts to achieve the best possible warehousing. You need to know the availability of raw materials, the speed of production, and the intensity of demand.  

Consumption has changed, so warehousing needs to keep up with the changes and meet the demands. The Just-in-time production method no longer fits in the contemporary supply chain. 

You need to be prepared for high demands and material shortages, it may seem complicated to accomplish; but with the right tool, the task becomes simpler. Your sales forecasts, your warehouse, and your transportation plan need to work in coordination within one system. 

Consumer Behavior and Warehousing 

The unpredictability of demand has frightened even the most experienced companies in today’s world, no one imagined such intense buying behavior for so many years. This is when we talk about eCommerce, because in many countries face-to-face sales have not yet recovered as expected. 

But when thinking about eCommerce, sales have grown a lot and don’t seem to be diminishing with time. That’s why not only the demand has changed but also the requirements and behavior of the customers. People want to know more about the products. 

Transparency in the supply chain places high expectations on the warehouse sector. It is necessary to clarify aspects such as storage conditions, labor rights, the storage time for each product, safety conditions, and many others.  

Ensuring the transparency of this sector will increase your ability to retain customers and enhance the coming of new ones. For this, you must guarantee integration and visibility. 

Warehouse Integration 

With your warehouse working in a connected way with your logistic system, your supply chain gains robustness and resilience. This happens because your warehousing will work in coordination with your transportation systems and will be prepared for high demand. 

With a single collaboration hub for your staff and partners to share text messages, voice, and documents without relying on disconnected applications, calls, or paperwork your supply chain gets faster. Also, this way the information is saved in a secure cloud where you can conference at any time.  

Your forecasts need to supply your warehouse with information using cutting-edge technologies to analyze the data. With machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand how the market works your warehouse prepares for changes in demand.   

Visibility in the warehousing 

Knowing your supply chain from end to end helps you set reliable deadlines. With your time well planned and established within reliable forecasts, your warehouse operates more smartly, anticipating the process and getting ready for high demand.  

With the constant disruptions affecting the supply chain, such as port blockages, truck driver shortages, and general price increases, visibility becomes even more important. Especially when it comes to the warehouse and its central position in the supply chain. 

Knowing exactly your product availability and sharing it with your partners directly helps your logistics planning and improves your decision-making. Likewise, having warehouse and demand forecasts needs a lot of information that is collected throughout the process and without end-to-end visibility much of it is inaccessible.   

Make your warehousing easier 

Connect your inventory management data to our smart operating system, so we can extract all the information you need.  

Our system analyzes the volume and weight of your product in stock, so you can closely monitor the dimensions of your product. You can also manage cargo with special handling requirements or specific temperature ranges. 

Sort products by choosing the type of cargo you have, including SKU and UPC codes. Upload photos of your products to easily differentiate your inventory and maintain the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) codes for all your products. 

All solutions in one place 

Grydd’s smart operating system integrates your warehouse with the rest of your supply chain, so everything works in a coordinated and fluid way. All the data you need in one simple-to-understand dashboard, without the need for paperwork or disconnected applications with loss of information.   

Our technology covers complete solutions for your logistics, from forecasting to 24/7 shipment tracking.  Whatever your challenge is, we have the solution you are looking for right here, get a free trial.