The best way to ship freight from China to Latin America

There are several ways to ship freight from China to Latin America; everything depends on the quantity and purpose of the import. Other variables must be considered, such as the city of importation, the route to be taken by the cargo, and the risks associated with each one. 

With the expansion of China’s BRI (Belt and Road Initiative), the Chinese and Latin American markets have become increasingly close. In addition to new investments in areas like energy and digital infrastructure, the imports and exports of commodities and manufacturing goods are still growing. 

This new configuration has enticed many business owners to reconsider their supply chain and begin importing from China. But how difficult can it be to carry out this type of transaction? 

1. Examine the size of the importation 

I recommend that you start investing in small amounts with USD 5,000. This quantity will usually meet the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity. Then you will be able to purchase them directly from the manufacturer. If it is less than that, the entire export and import process is complicated and expensive. 

2. Determine the best port 

With the Chinese government’s rigorous policy in the fight against the Coronavirus, it is necessary to keep track of the number of cases of Covid-19 to avoid port closures and delays. To do so, it is necessary to have reliable expectations based on integrated and fluid information exchange. 

Therefore, the Grydd operating system provides a large database and allows all of its applications to communicate in the same patterns. We are constantly monitoring Covid cases around the world and have supply chain specialists available to assist you. 

3. Discover the best way to ship freight from China to Latin America 

Aside from ports, it is necessary to know whether companies have had difficulties in transporting cargo from China to Latin America. Choosing the wrong transporter can have unanticipated consequences for your business. 

To conclude, the Grydd operating system makes a list of transporters classified by cost/benefit available to its partners.