The new era of the supply chain

The new era of the supply chain is causing challenges all around the world. This month, specialists on the front lines of local businesses described how the pandemic and supply chain challenges have affected them, and hence their customers. 

Supply chain difficulties touch everyone, not just managers, carriers, and shippers; disruptions in global logistics affect everyone. The world is calling for a technological revolution that fully integrates all data. 

The data depict warning statistics that highlight the disparity in the residential real estate market between January 2019, when there was still a sense of normalcy, and January 2022. The average number of days on the market has fallen by 51%. The average price for a “sold” property has risen from $188,000 to $218,000.

Even sections of the consumer market that appear to be more robust and unrelated to the logistics turmoil had a significant impact on the supply chain. Of course, there are other causes for the economic downturn; after all, the world came to a halt for two years and has yet to recover normalcy. However, there is little doubt that high construction supply prices and shipping delays have a considerable impact. 

What happened as a snowball effect with the pandemic, hurricanes, ice, and supply change. It all started when people were forced to stay at home and decided they wanted to improve their surroundings while they were there. The anxiety and quarantine generated a new consumer culture shaped by want and short-termism. 

Solutions in the new era of the supply chain 

With the tremendous demand that has resulted from the advancement of our economic system, as well as the catastrophic interruptions affecting the global supply chain, the need for one solution is obvious. But not just any solution; we require an integrated purpose. After all, without communication and integration, nothing can be accomplished. 

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