The strong platform for fighting the Supply Chain disruptions

One of the biggest challenges to get out of the disruptions in the supply chain is the exchange of information. As many sectors do not function in an integrated way, a lot of data is lost or becomes redundant in the system.

All the constant change, coupled with outdated information, only deepens the supply chain in crisis. Amid so much disruption, misinformation can cause fatal confusion even for global companies.

With the advance of technology, many useful tools have been created. Cargo tracking, inventory management, point of sale control, countless applications. All can be useful and used together.

However, life isn´t a bed of roses; if the information exchange doesn’t work properly, it can be more of a hindrance than a help. Not only do deliveries become disorganized, but the control of fraud and deviations also suffers.

How Grydd can help against the supply chain disruptions?

Grydd is a platform capable of working with confidence and integrating all the information needed for the supply chain to function. Thanks to AI, Grydd reduces costs, produces more accurate forecasts, and ensures efficiency in the supply chain.

The integration of external information into the internal processes of transport companies allows the creation of a reliable classification that helps in decision making. All this, Grydd does thanks to Machine learning.

Visibility and transparency are powerful weapons for supply chain transformation. It is essential for the customer to have access to all the movements of their goods, not only to build customer loyalty but also to control the entire process.

All this information on a single platform allows for optimization and in-depth market analysis. It also saves valuable company time, leaving more space for other actions. It is also possible to generate, save and share documents within the platform.

Communication of all involved is seamless and data processing takes place in the same ecosystem, which systematizes the supply chain and optimizes information.