There are new solutions for the export difficulties

The difficulties in the supply chain are intensifying and make new solutions increasingly necessary. Many shippers are helplessly watching their warehouses fill up while the container vessels continue to run out of space. Some even manage to book a shipment, but when the time comes, everything is canceled. 

Difficulties can arise at any time, whether it is in finding a carrier or in delivering the product. Disruptions affect ports and airports worldwide; the supply chain calls for an integrated solution.   

The new solutions are technological. 

Businessman standing by on a rooftop overlooking the city

Take this story, for example, a farmer in California was growing almonds. Every year he managed to ship his product to the most varied places in Asia, Dubai, Singapore, China, and many others. 

However, with the delays at the ports, he could not export even 20% of his capacity and sees the next crop coming in with no storage space. He continues to monitor the ports and receives cancellations from carriers due to overcrowding. At this point, he feels helpless and a bit desperate. 

When the next harvest is very close, he finally closes a deal with a company in Dubai and gets his almonds shipped. But life is not a bed of roses, the ship takes a long time to arrive at the final address due to traffic jams and the final price of the almonds has devalued by about $50,000; the buyer demands a renegotiation of the values, and he had to give in. 

Be ready for problems 

The supply chain is in a new era, to survive it you need to have the right technologies on your side. Our smart operating system would have solved the Californian farmer’s problem. Because we speed up the booking of your shipments and guarantee that the contract price will be met. 

In addition, we provide reliable forecasts supported by state-of-art technology to optimize your decision-making when shipping your products. Don’t waste time, join Grydd.