Track your shipments accurately and easily 

Track your shipments to meet the needs imposed on the contemporary supply chain.  The new era of the supply chain is already a reality, the pandemic has brought a new behavior to the global market.

Demand is at unprecedented levels, and so is the need to deliver products as quickly as possible. Another growing trend is the customers’ interest in the origin and transportation of their product. 

The consumer market is more aware of environmental, social, and ethical issues. So, the more transparent your supply chain is, the more loyal your customers will be.  

Why you need to track your shipments 

Reducing supply chain inefficiencies would increase global GDP by 5% and total commerce volume by 15% (a $2 trillion gain). According to some estimates, supply chain disruptions may have resulted in losses of up to $4 trillion. 

Visibility plays a key role in global logistics, from identifying points of improvement to transparency with consumers. Therefore, companies without end-to-end visibility are 70% more likely to lose customers and have a harder time getting investors. 

Especially shippers that rely only on outside information to track their shipments and are left without information after the product leaves the warehouse. Or even carriers that rely on information manually entered by drivers and do not track 24/7. 

To prevent supply chain losses, the world’s leading corporations have implemented cargo tracking. From fast-food conglomerates to established mineral exploration firms, the intricacies of the product’s transaction are important. 

The technological solution 

To sum up, think of a platform that centralizes all your information where you can always track your shipments. Besides allowing fluid and real-time communication with all sectors of your supply chain; this is the Grydd smart operating system. Try it for free here.