Why is the lack of data integration dangerous? 

Data integration relies on techniques and processes that bring together data from various sources to aid in decision-making. This makes the supply chain more robust. 

Above all, information is one of the most powerful tools to develop in global logistics today; customer behavior, strengths, and weaknesses, and market reactions are all essential data to consider in your business plan. 

The main dangers of ignoring data integration are:

1 – Overworked business analysts

Business Intelligence professionals face an overwhelming workload trying to sift through the massive amounts of data that enter the enterprise daily. The more sources you have to analyze, the more time you will lose. 

2 – Double workload 

If departments do not communicate with each other, they will certainly have workloads and activities that will be unnecessarily practiced. 

3 – The value of the data suffers 

A piece of information or analysis that could be useful for 50 employees may not reach everyone who needs it if the company’s data is not integrated. 

4 – Weakness in decision making 

Without data integration, you don’t know your company completely and you don’t understand consumer behavior, which directly affects your decision making.  

5 – Delays your information exchange 

Your communication doesn’t happen in a direct way, which results in tons of paperwork and phone calls delaying all your information exchange. 

Well, now that you know the dangers, let us tell you how the overall data integration process works. 

Step 1 – Access data from all sources and locations, whether on-premises, in the cloud or a combination of both. 

Step 2 – Data integration so that records from one data source map to another. For example, your warehouse will automatically connect to your transportation system. This is a type of data preparation that is essential for analytics and other applications to be able to use the data successfully. 

Step 3 – Deliver integrated data to the business exactly when the business needs it, in real-time.  

The solution you are looking for

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