Women and the future ahead

Women are the backbone of any market-valued firm, and the supply chain is no different. The female struggle to get a footing and preserve prior accomplishments in the profession is as important as it is fascinating. 

The participation of women in the industry is ancient and has remarkable relevance to date. One of the most representative events occurred at the beginning of the industrial revolution and continues to do so today. 

Outside of a few simple tasks, many mothers and daughters worked on the production line for many years and there are now a growing number of women in leadership and management positions.      

To achieve equality there is still a long way to go, but without ever forgetting everything that the female workers of the past and present have accomplished. The fight has been around for a long time and will continue to exist until it is no longer necessary. 

The future, like the past, belongs to women, gender equality is a must for all of us. There will be no place for setbacks in the near future. 

Grydd wishes to congratulate all ladies on this most significant day, especially in these difficult times. Congratulations and gratitude to all the women!