3 methods to boost your ROI with BI 

Since COVID 19, many enterprises began to apply different Business Intelligence to overcome the difficulties at that time. Surprisingly, they found out that they started to improve their ROI thanks to that. Therefore, here you can learn about 3 methods to boost your ROI with BI. 

Business intelligence has been a lifeline for several companies, such as commodities transportation businesses, logistics providers, and shippers. Nevertheless, BI can do much more than just analyze data; it also improves the enterprises’ performance as their incomes. If you want to make your supply chain succeed, here are the top three methods to boost your ROI with Business Intelligence.  

Smart Inventory Management System

This is an innovative method that syncs your inventory across channels while maximizing your profits.  It controls your costs and fills your increasing demand with less inventory by using data and software. The main goal of the Smart Inventory Management System is to deliver the products to the clients as soon as possible. It achieves it by evaluating providers and commodities. On the one hand, It checks the providers based on a variety of KPIs such as customer evaluations, location, product or service quality, and others. On the other hand, it assesses the commodities in demand by monitoring and analyzing the supplier’s past performance in order to improve sourcing and supplier management. Thus, the Smart Inventory Management System increases your efficiency and profitability while helping you to boost your ROI. 

Credible demand forecasting  

Demand forecasting is not a method itself, in fact, to predict it you need to use different methods depending on what aspect you need to analyze. The most common methods are trend prediction, market research, sales force composite, Delphi method, and Econometric. However, business intelligence plays a significant role in meeting these by merging them with seasonal flows and patterns. Therefore, BI is extremely useful to boost your ROI because it allows you to understand the trends, the changes in the global market, and the end customers altogether. In addition, data analytics and business intelligence solutions estimate demand for goods, warehouses, and locations in real-time. 

Enhanced production efficiency   

This method helps you to identify the conditions in which products are produced at the lowest cost. It allows you to reduce the cost per unit by following a simple three-step production method. 

1. ordering raw materials.  

2. manufacturing products. 

3. delivering supplies.  

BI combines all these three processes and helps you to boost your ROI while optimizing your routes and warehousing operations. Besides, data analytics can predict the amount of raw material required from suppliers, the number of items to be created in a day to satisfy the necessary demand, and schedule delivery via the quickest routes. Hence, the purpose of this program is maximum output with no losses based on the location and capacity.  

Business Intelligence can be used to assess the demand, the production, and the inventory all at once. Despite all its analytics, its main purposes are reducing your waste, meeting your end customer’s needs, and making your inventory more efficient. All these goals together are what make you boost your ROI

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Companies in the logistics industry are actively voting for BI and data analytics as an integral part of their operations. Be part of the new era of logistics by applying business intelligence to your Supply Chain Processes and boosting your ROI.