Manage all your shipments in a better way

Manage all your shipments in a way that you can track them 24/7. This is a requirement that was imposed by modern investors and customers who demanded a solid supply chain mapping because they were tired of wasting time and money on inefficient processes.  

Before the pandemic, according to some estimates, supply chain disruptions may have resulted in losses of up to $4 trillion in one year. The same calculations count for reducing supply chain inefficiencies caused by archaic processes would increase global GDP by 5 percent. Furthermore, the total trade volume would increase 15 percent (a gain of $2 trillion). And if all your shipments were optimized, how big would the difference be? 

However, the pandemic brought a new behavior to the consumer market, and a new era to the supply chain because many disruptions were damaging the global market. This situation caused the need of monitoring all the shipments 24/7 and gathering reliable data from the supply chain. This new behavior helped the logistics process to gain resilience and be prepared in advance.  

Visibility over all your shipments

Full visibility plays a key role in global logistics, from identifying points of improvement to transparency with consumers. Companies without end-to-end visibility are 70% more likely to lose customers.  

The main advantages of full visibility in all your shipments are:  

1 — Transparency for customers and investors.  

2 — Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses to invest in improvements.  

3 — Protection against disruptions and more reliable forecasts. 

4 — Know the conditions of your shipments in detail.  

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Where you can see the whole data related to them, not just location and arrival preview, but conditions such as temperature and safety inside the containers 

Are you ready to jump into the new era of the global market? And manage all your shipments in a better way?  Know Grydd and improve your Supply Chain & Logistics.