Supply chain visibility, luxury, or necessity?

Supply chain visibility is becoming increasingly important these days. With the new reality imposed by the pandemic, the needs of the global market are gaining a technological focus, after all, everything is online. Customers want a lot, and they want it now. 

The pandemic has brought to light the holes in supply chain visibility. Prior to the pandemic, several organizations had made recorded attempts to increase such visibility; but these initiatives are now more than mere opportunities; they are a must. Visibility has evolved into an expectation, if not a demand, rather than a luxury. 

The importance of supply chain visibility

Inspeção de Segurança na Fábrica

Having supply chain visibility and transparency brings new customers and establishes loyalty to old ones. People want to know where the things they buy come from, and you need to be able to show it accurately 24/7. The more dispersed your information is, the worse it is going to be to have visibility. It is also necessary that your systems are all integrated into one place. 

While businesses may not have perfect control over all these variables, they do have influence over their logistics. Logistics are vital to maintaining a healthy supply chain; you need to be capable of delivering supplies to manufacturing facilities and completed goods to consumers. A lack of visibility and transparency into the logistics throughout the supply chain disrupts a company’s network and impairs its capacity to exercise control.

Product shortages did not necessarily indicate supply chain issues. Despite the availability of products, supply chain challenges persist. The lack of connection in the supply chain makes it vulnerable to fractures when threats or other variables infiltrate the logistic system. 

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