All your supply chain network working in one system  

The supply chain network involves a group of multidisciplinary professionals, with different roles and perspectives in the logistics process. They all need to communicate constantly, often facing communication silos. 

The challenges of sharing documents and insights, and updating shipment information are key issues for managers seeking a non-disruptive supply chain. Communication needs to be as quick and concise as possible, a message should not need to go through multiple applications before it reaches its final destination. 

In order to obtain a better flow and well-monitored logistics processes, the supply chain network must function in a coordinated manner. Besides, the added robustness and speed to your management, with a centralized communication team members from different areas will share collaborative solutions to optimize the company’s operation. 

It is often necessary to perform supply chain audits, at which point it is important to have all your communication recorded in a secure cloud. With information sharing through mismatched calls and messages, this is not possible, but with centralized communication, it is a simple task.

You can put your entire supply chain network collaborating in an integrated way into a single system and get rid of disconnected calls and unsafe messaging applications. Grydd’s Smart Operating System provides the Collaboration Hub as one more of its functions available to streamline your logistics, all in one place. 

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