Have full supply chain visibility

Visibility in the supply chain is of unparalleled importance these days. Think about it with me; would a consumer rather buy from a company he trusts or one that doesn’t provide freight information? Would an investor rather put his money in a business that has all steps known and supervised or in an opaque and unregulated system? 

The new era of the supply chain has been summarized by a strong phrase “Buy now” and E2E visibility meets the immediacy of consumers. Therefore, as soon as they make a purchase, they already receive information about the progress of the process. The systemic movement of data needs to be fluid and fast. 

What is Supply Chain Visibility?   

To sum up, end-to-end supply chain visibility, often abbreviated as E2E, refers to transparency at all phases of supply chain management, from procurement to delivery of finished items to clients. Above all, you can conquer this transparency by meticulously monitoring each step of the process, capturing all relevant data, and organizing it in a centralized operating system. This way you review, analyze, and, have access to actionable insights improving your business processes.  

As a rule, end to end supply chain visibility covers six primary areas: 

  1. Procurement and inventory management 
  1. Finance 
  1. Logistics 
  1. Operations 
  1. Quality control 
  1. Sales and customer service 

Certainly, for proper data analysis, complete visibility in each of these regions is required. It is, however, an important part of ensuring that team members have the complete and accurate information they need to communicate and collaborate effectively to meet stakeholder and customer expectations, innovate and enhance product offerings, and optimize business processes to build value and support organizational goals. 

Guarantee your visibility with complete integration 

Only our operating system puts all stages of your supply chain in one place and is available in a language that everyone easily understands. In addition to information, we also ensure communication between all members of your logistics process. Access the new era of the supply chain, be a Grydd partner