How digitalize your Supply Chain? 

Our previous article “Why should I digitalize the supply chain?” stated, that 78% of the logistic companies are in this year (2022) digitalizing their supply chain. However, if you are reading this and are wondering how can you digitalize your supply chain, keep reading it because we are going to give you some tips.  

Digitalization in Supply Chain 

Supply chain digitalization consists in automating activities performed manually and analogically. For example, the generation of documents such as Purchase Orders, Bill of Lands, and Requests for Quotes, among others, begins to be done by a system in an automatic and error-free manner. Digitization provides you with more connectivity, up-to-date and integrated analytics, transparency, better user experience, and more. All these benefits end up performing like never before. 

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How to digitalize your supply chain?

The transformation process from analog to digital logistics requires some steps. Therefore, this article brings a list for you to understand How can you digitalize your supply chain, check it out.  

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) or the industrial internet or Industry 4.0. It means using actuators and smart sensors to improve industrial and manufacturing processes. It uses real-time analytics and the power of smart machines in order to capture and analyze data 24/7. Besides, IoT is able to accurately communicate important information which is useful for making business decisions. Despite all this, because it provides you with asset tracking systems, you can get for you and your customer up-to-the-minute updates on shipping tracking. Best of all, it increases transparency and visibility in your supply chain. Therefore, getting the Industrial Internet of Things is one of the first things that you have to get in order to digitalize your supply chain. 


Automation in logistics means incorporating intelligent technologies, such as robotic process automation, digital process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. For instance, Digital Process Automation (DPA) is useful for repetitive and manual tasks throughout an organization to make it more efficient. While DPA optimizes manual tasks, it also connects applications and streamlines processes across different departments in the organization. Thus, if you want to improve your efficiency by completing tasks very quickly; and improve your connectivity throughout the enterprise using integrated systems, you should consider incorporating some smart technologies into your supply chain. 

Data-Driven Solutions

This key point is related to the previous ones because the ability to collect and process large amounts of data is made possible through automation and IoT. But, in this case, we mention it, to emphasize how important it is for any business in the supply chain to obtain accurate and reliable information. Analytics and data can anticipate demand trends and customers’ behavior, which help your business prevent costly inventory events, obtain good strategies, improve your Return of Investment (ROI) and face contingencies inside and outside your supply chain. 

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In short, if you want to enter the new era of logistics and digitalize your supply chain, here you have what steps you should follow in order to achieve them. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a way to take those steps, do not waste more time, here you can achieve all of them together