Top 5 reasons why you should get supply chain integration 

Supply chain integration is becoming increasingly important. The global context poses big challenges for logistics managers; with everything changing so fast it’s hard to keep all the information up to date. 

What helps make it complicated is the diverse nature of the supply chain. To clarify, you must manage several internal departments and deal with external partners, and all these activities often require a lot of different software

With multiple platforms working uncoordinated your information gets lost and delayed and requires a ton of paperwork and phone calls. On the other hand, with supply chain integration you organize everything smoothly using a simple-to-understand dashboard. 

5 reasons to have supply chain integration 

1 – Cohesive data 

Your data is centralized in one place and flows easily through your business. From a smart operating system that connects to other platforms. For example WMS and ERP.

2 – Business Insights 

Complete visibility to analyze opportunities and improvement points. 

3 – Customer Experience 

Optimize your supply chain to serve your customers as quickly, transparently, and inexpensively as possible. 

4 – Financial Tracking 

Connect back-office, finance, and your supply chain to get a complete picture of your spending and profits and develop a strategy to optimize your revenue. 

5 – Customer Knowledge 

Understand the behavior of your customers to get reliable forecasts on demand and raw material requirements. 

Above all, supply chain resiliency depends on your integration, and on how well you leverage their benefits. However, supply chain integration strategies alone are not enough, you need the right technology to do it. 

The best way 

To sum up, at Grydd, we provide our customers with a smart operating system that connects to all your systems and works the information for you. We also have a multidisciplinary team ready to help you make the toughest supply chain decisions.  

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