How to control your cargo from A to B  

If you seek total control of your cargo, good news has arrived. Despite the logistical chaos in international trade, technological solutions and innovative methods started to be applied by supply chain businesses in order to succeed. If you wonder how to control your cargo from A to B is possible, keep reading this article. 

How to take control of your cargo?

Achieving taking control of your cargo is possible, but to gain this you must ask yourself some questions:  

  • What do I want to achieve? 
  • What tools do I need? 
  • How much are they going to cost? 

Before answering these questions, you need to know how the supply chain works and be aware of the routing options available, and their respective costs. In addition, you should pay attention to the specific documentation requested by each port and the financial legislation they work with, to avoid your cargo being lost due to bureaucratic issues.  

What is this control about? 

Once you already know about all of them, you will need to find a tool that allows you to operate in an integrated and in a coordinated way with all your supply chain partners. It is a “must have” because your cargo will travel to another part of the world and to properly complete its journey, you need to work coordinately with your supply chain partners. 

In spite of the fact that you work coordinately with your supply chain partners, you are aware of the global trade law and the best route options; you can monitor how your cargo is during its journey and how your demand feels about your product and the experience.

Understanding Demand  

After the period of social closure that much of the world had to face, consumer market behavior changed dramatically. Demand increased the purchase volume and requested delivery time. Therefore, it is no longer safe to base your demand forecasts on figures from previous years, it is necessary to use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate market trends in order to have more reliable results. Updating the method of obtaining forecasts is essential, after all, we are talking about predicting the future.

Cargo Monitoring  

Tracking your load from start to finish is truly important, but it is not enough. You need to know the conditions (temperature, packaging…) that your shipments are in. You also need to know when they will arrive at their final destination, therefore it is necessary to go beyond a simple 24/7 tracking. That’s why you must work coordinately with your supply chain partners and that you need to maintain good communication with all your staff. It is also necessary to monitor and control your cargo.  

Taking control of your cargo is more than just tracking whether it arrives. In fact, knowing how your cargo is doing during your journey and understanding how the supply chain works is just when control begins   Click To Tweet

You can control your entire supply chain and your cargo from A to B. You just need to get the proper technology to achieve it. Find out here how you can gain control and start to improve your supply chain performance.