Smart technology: Improving your Business Intelligence

Origin and Definition 

Business Intelligence (BI) is a process that captures data to give intelligent decision assistance. You will obtain information from many sources and can save it in a database designed specifically for your company. 

This concept gained traction in 1958, following a historical piece on the issue authored by Hans Peter Luhn. The study, titled “A Business Intelligence System,” discussed an automated system meant to convey information to various sectors. 

The significance of Business Intelligence 

The new supply chain era has intensified competitiveness in the internet environment, not only in the world of sales; but also in the realm of information. Companies who pick the incorrect strategy of not having information accessible in a dependable and integrated location will fall behind. 

BI allows companies to anticipate and solve their problems in a preventive way. When BI did not exist, it was common for managers not to be able to visualize certain flaws and bottlenecks in the operation; having to solve them after the damage. 

To deliver speedy solutions, information must pass through analysis in a timely way. It is just as crucial for the organization to have a system that satisfies the standards as it is for managers to be able to make the appropriate decisions on time

Business Intelligence, in addition to assisting in the optimization of internal operations; assists the firm in obtaining competitive differentials to enhance its client base through excellent service and logistics. 

Business Intelligence

Have Business Intelligence 

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