Communication in the Supply chain

Communication in the supply chain between its components is vital for your company’s logistics operations to run smoothly. The exchange of information must be fluid and direct in order to avoid communication failures that can generate great losses.  

When communication is fluid, the process becomes more agile because demands and documentation are transferred more efficiently. Even more so if everyone uses the same communication and document storage platform.  

The supply chain is going through a new era of transformation where stability has become the rule. However, 3/4 of supply chain managers have not yet embraced the digital revolution in their companies, leaving them vulnerable and lacking resilience. 

Practicing communication in the supply chain.  

Consider a pillow exporter; it will need foam, feathers, latex ingredients, and fabrics, among many other materials. That’s a lot of suppliers and retailers to deal with, plus internal company communication. 

If there is an unforeseen problem with the foams, he will have to reduce the production of this type of product and focus on the feather pillow, for example. But if his communication relies on fragmentation, how will he be able to make such fast changes? 

It is necessary that employees have access to an efficient form of communication that centralizes the sharing of information and documents. In this way, your supply chain orders gain capillarity and efficiency.  

Access the new supply chain era 

Have a direct connection between the industrial and administrative sectors, facilitate access and the exchange of documents without compromising the confidentiality of your information. You must do the same with messages and conversations to establish direct communication between all parts of your logistics process

To sum up, our Smart Operating System is completely linked with all your teamwork in the global supply chain. With our technology, we connect all your business, from suppliers to customers in one place. This way, you avoid multiple decentralized applications working havoc, and ensure direct communication. 

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